Creating a landing page seems easy, especially with all the page builder tools available today but creating one that actually converts is the hard part.

This is because you have to take into account every element of the page, your target market, what message you’re trying to portray and how best to convert your visitors.

Lets take a quick look at the main five elements of any successful landing page website design.


An eye catching headline is essential, you’ve only got a few moments to capture your audiences attention.

Make sure your heading is clear and to the point, your visitors don’t have time to waste.

After the headline has captured their attention you can follow this with a sub-heading to provide further details.

Visual Content

Visuals can convert better then text, an image or video near the top of your landing page is vital.

This content will vary depending on your product you’re promoting but this would normally be an engaging image of your product or a short concise video explaining it.

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Display the key benefits your product or solution provides by listing them in easy to digest bullet points.

This will be easy to scan so your visitors will be able to quickly identify how this product or solution will help them.

Don’t over do this however, keep your list short by only including the key benefits.

Call To Action

Make sure your call to action stands out, you don’t won’t to miss out on any potential leads because they couldn’t figure out what to do next.

Your call to action button needs to stand out from the rest of the page, make sure it contrasts the background colour.

You’ll also need to use the right words on your call to action, would you want to click it?

Social Proof

Testimonials, other client logos and awards. All these elements build trust with your lead and ensure they feel safe in their choice to convert.

You can blend a testimonial into the body copy of your landing page or add some awards or other businesses you’ve worked with at the bottom.

Bonus Tips

Focus on placing your most important information at the top of your page, some visitors won’t even scroll down.

Try and reduce or hide other distractions on your landing page such as your website navigation or other links that might take the visitor away from your landing page.

Also, don’t be afraid to include further descriptions and body text further down the page.

If the visitor has seen all the best your product or solution has to offer and hasn’t converted or left your landing page yet then they’re still looking for something.


With these few basic tips in mind you can now go and create your own landing page and already be way ahead of your competition.

If you’d like assistance in taking this to the next level however you’ll want to focus on your digital marketing, copywriting and A/B testing as well.

This is where White Peak Digital comes in, our Brisbane website development team are here to help.

Get in touch with us directly to find out how we can take your latest campaign to the next level!

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