In this brand design checklist we’ll take a look at everything you’ll want to consider having designed for your business so that your brand can shine across every medium and be recognised and appreciated by your target audience anywhere.

Logo (+ Variations)

Every business needs a logo to allow for quick recognition and identification of their brand by their target audience.

You’ll also want to have a logo variation or two which can be used where your primary logo is not appropriate due to design restraints.

Colour Palette

A colour palette is a selection of specific colours that represent your brand.

With the use of colour theory, an effective colour palette can communicate specific attributes and values to your target audience throughout all your branding.

Find out what specific colours represent in business branding in this other article of ours.

Typography Choices

Typography choices are similar to a colour palette, as it is a specific selection of fonts used to represent your business across all of your branding.

These fonts are used across your website, brand collateral and any customer-facing documentation.

Website Design

A website is an essential digital marketing tool for any business in 2023.

Maintaining consistency throughout your branding is essential and your website is no exception.

Your website will feature your logo, colour palette, typography choices and many more branding elements that we are yet to cover, it’s important that you display these with an effective website design and layout.

You can find out more about our Brisbane web design services here.


A favicon is the small icon that appears in browser windows or web bookmarks of your website. You’ll want to use an icon that has minimal detail, is square and is on a transparent background.

Brand Icons

Icons are small graphic elements that can be used across your branding, documentation, promotional material and social media posts.

Using icons that are designed specifically for your business make everything that they are used on look that much more professional.

Business Cards

Business cards are a great tool to share personal information and contact details to clients or potential joint venture partners after meeting them in-person.

It’s important that you maintain consistency and represent your business accurately straight away through your chosen branding.


Stationary can include and internal or external document that your business uses.

This may include invoices, letterheads, stickers, thank you notes more.

Social Media Graphics

Social media graphics should always remain ‘on-brand’ to ensure your brand can be recognised to your target audience anywhere.

This doesn’t just include your social media banner but the posts themselves, this is why design templates can be so useful.

Promotional Graphics

You’ll obviously want any promotional material to accurately represent your brand as well, this may include advertisements, flyers, banners and more.

Media Kit

And finally, a media kit is a document that helps promote your business to fellow business, prospective clients or promoters.

This can be very useful for partnerships, collaborations or any general press.

Key Takeaways

You may not need all of items on this brand design checklist but it’s important that you at least consider each first before you dismiss some for good reasons.

If you’re just starting out, I’d recommend you at least get a logo and website design sorted along with your colour palette and typography choices.

If you have any questions or would like help designing any of these for your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

To your success,