The Brief

McCarthy & Associates are a fantastic team of chartered accountants based near our White Peak Digital office in Brisbane, Australia.

Previously, McCarthy & Associates had two versions of their website live on two different domain names (one ending in .com and the other which was causing significant cannibalisation issues and was hurting their search engine optimisation (SEO) results.

The McCarthy & Associates team told us they wanted to consolidate all their content into one, modern and well-designed website so that is exactly what we did.

Our Approach

Our web design team at White Peak Digital specialises in small business websites so we tailor our digital solutions to every business we work with to ensure we deliver the best results possible within their timeline and budget.

This website had to be completed quickly due to their timeframe and therefore required us to move at an accelerated pace through our project phases.

Typically, we spend one or two weeks in the Discovery phase as we finalise the website sitemap, competitor research and organise content creation but for this project we completed this phase in two days.

We achieved this by simply modifying the existing sitemap and content on their old websites while continuing competitor research into the next phase, Design.

The new website was being built on the WordPress content management system which allowed us to combine most of the Design and Development phases together as our team designed straight onto our live development site using a page builder called Elementor.

This approach isn’t efficient over multiple design iterations and isn’t ideal for several other in-depth reasons but when budget and time are of concern it’s a good way to move quickly while still ending up with a great website.

McCarthy Accounting Website

After the McCarthy & Associates team reviewed the development site and provided some feedback, we quickly implemented these changes and moved straight into the Testing & Deployment phases.

Thanks to our experience with WordPress and the plugins we used on this project we knew exactly where any potential browser issues may appear which we were able to go through and check in the one day.

During our testing we organised new WordPress hosting on SiteGround for McCarthy & Associates which allowed us to deploy their new website immediately with our development team ensuring no interruptions were caused to the companies email accounts.

After deployment we put all the necessary 301 redirects in place to ensure as much SEO power as possible was preserved and then submitted the new website sitemap to Google Search Console.

After this the website moved into our final phase, Support, which includes 30 days of complementary technical support to fix any bugs or issues that may arise in that time which gives all our clients peace of mind after launch.

The Result

In the end, a few weeks after we were first engaged to help McCarthy & Associates with this accelerated website redesign, we had successfully deployed their new WordPress website without issue.

Since then, the website has begun to recover a lot of the SEO power previously lost to their older websites cannibalisation issues and we look forward to seeing it continue to climb search engine rankings over time as they continue to add new content to their website blog.

It was a pleasure working with the team at McCarthy & Associates and we look forward to working with you again down in the future as your business continues to grow and requires new updates to your website.

To your success,