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We work with Webflow to create stunning and high performing websites for our clients. At White Peak Digital we strive to improve every business we work with through amazing digital design, be it through high quality Webflow web design, app development, digital marketing or SEO services.


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There’s never a bad time to think about your website and its quality. Updating your website regularly is not only good for customer experience, but it’s also good for revenues since you can re-optimise it for the latest search engine developments. However, search engines aren’t the only things evolving.

This article will look at the latest developments in website design technology, focusing on Webflow development and the benefits of working with us here at White Peak Digital – a Brisbane-based website development company. Nowadays, there are tons of advantages to designing your website carefully.

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Whether you need a website for a small business, a blog, or an eCommerce business, you can build one today for free or partner with an expert web design company that can tailor-make a website that exceeds your expectations. Today, more than ever before, your website is your shop window.

Chances are you know this already, but the problem lies in designing a website that suits your business and competes with what’s out there already. Unfortunately, not every business owner has the time, dedication, or skills to build a website from scratch, even with web design tools.

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What Is Web Design?

Whether you browse the internet on a desktop computer or a smartphone, you will encounter a website. A website is a combination of code and images stored on a server and can be accessed using a website domain – something like a street address – that directs a searcher to a website’s content.

Like a building on a street, this website also has architecture and needs to be designed and built. The process of making a website is called web design. In the past, a web designer was only concerned with building desktop sites, but nowadays, mobile is also a feature.

To develop websites, you need to arrange the appearance, layout, and navigation of the web design. How a website is structured has a significant bearing on the quality of the website, its relevance to a business or brand and its success on search engine results.

A website needs to be designed carefully so that it loads quickly and is easy to navigate, that way search engines regard the website as a quality resource and searchers can find what they’re looking for more easily. When these pieces of the puzzle are in place, it makes the work of creating relevant content much easier.

Web Design With Webflow

If you need to create a website for your business or your passion project, you have two options: hire a web developer, or create one yourself. Hiring a web designer might seem like the obvious solution, but it can be an expensive option too, especially when you don’t have Webflow development technology.

Webflow is a company based in San Francisco that provides software as a service; it allows you to build your own website from scratch without the need for specialised coding knowledge. To start, all you need to do is visit the website and follow the on-screen instructions to build a modern website.

Webflow takes the decision making out of the website building process; there is no longer any need to hire an expensive web designer and communicate the complex ideas of your project to someone else. Instead, Webflow lets you bring your own ideas to life and create a responsive website that works.

Webflow is the modern way to build a website for your business; it’s even better than the many web builder tools you can find online because it offers more flexibility and better performance. In addition, it’s an entirely visual platform that requires no specialist knowledge – and it’s reasonably priced.

Webflow Is For You

Webflow's Web Development Services

The curtain is closing on template websites in favour of custom websites that are more focused on the needs of the business. More brand-focused websites are more visible to search engines; they also function better for users lowering the bounce rate and increasing the website’s relevance.

Nowadays, you need a website that aligns with your brand identity, offers fast loading speeds, and has minimalistic navigation. Additionally, your website needs to have opportunities to grow as your business develops to prevent stagnation. All of this is possible with Webflow technology.

With Webflow, there is no need to take a course in HTML5, CSS3, or Javascript; this code, which is crucial for building a modern website, is translated into a visual canvas in Webflow, allowing you to design a website using your own vision for the final product: let Webflow do the coding for you.

HTML5 is the latest coding language for web development, but with Webflow, there’s no need to learn it. Instead, simply use the menu options to drag and drop the raw elements of your website onto the page. Follow this up with navigation bars – drag and drop – and then add the content you want.

Custom Webflow Development

Why Choose Webflow?

Attractive, responsive websites

Whether you are looking to have a brand-new website created for your business or you want to leverage our services to update an existing site, our team of developers can assist. We have helped many start-ups to get up and running with an exciting and functional website, which brands their business to perfection. 

At the same time, if you have been struggling with your online presence and not getting the results you had hoped for, our development team can turn this around for you. We can audit your website to find out where you are going wrong so that the necessary improvements can be made.

Good security systems

These days, security is a high priority for customers and therefore must be a priority for businesses as well. Even a small mistake in the web design process can open up the possibility of a cyber attack, which is why you need to work with a secure web designer. Webflow takes every security measure possible.

Websites communicate through domain addresses which is where some cybercrime takes place. Unless the domain addresses are encrypted, it’s possible for attackers to skim private customer data from the interactions. However, SSL certificates prevent this from happening with encrypted web interactions.

Reliable hosting network

Webflow uses Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is a reliable and modern hosting network. Nowadays, you need a website host that provides a secure environment for customers and businesses; that’s one reason Webflow includes free SSL certificates that also helps your website to rank higher.

Webflow uses AWS for its hosting because the platform is fast, reliable, and secure. When you start with Webflow, you can choose between four plans, each of which gives you a custom domain; but you can also operate a website for no cost on Webflow without the need for a credit card or a trial period.

Excellent customer support

Not only does Webflow offer an intuitive and user-friendly interface, it backs this up with a library of troubleshooting articles and FAQs to help if you run into any issues. Failing that, you can contact their responsive and friendly customer support team using the contact support service option on the site.

Customer service is very important to Webflow, not least because users are developing the websites by themselves. Although you can find everything you need on the Webflow website, you can have more confidence in the final outcome of your product since professional advisors are there to back you up.

Webflow Professionals

Why Choose White Peak Digital As Your Web Designers?

Years of experience

Website building tools like Webflow are excellent if you want to work by yourself to develop a website that aligns with your brand and vision. But there are some drawbacks. Unless you have some experience, you can quickly run into issues or fail to get the most out of your website building project.

That’s where White Peak Digital comes in. We are a web design agency that can help you make a uniquely tailored website for your requirements. The advantage of working with us here at White Peak Digital is our extensive experience and competence that takes the risk out of website development.

Client led approach

The big difference between using a website building platform like Webflow and a web design agency is the level of collaboration. When you work on your own, you don’t have to communicate; you can simply play with your ideas intuitively – but it isn’t always the best strategy.

We use a client-led approach and do a fantastic job of creating a website for your business. We will collaborate with you closely to determine the precise requirements of your site, then use their extensive knowledge to build one that’s perfect. This is a tailor-made service.

Diverse & talented team

Website building tools like Webflow try their best to replicate a dedicated design team’s web design and development processes. As a result, the platforms will always come second to the experience and expertise of a graphic design team. Even the best platforms can’t compete with us here at White Peak Digital.

We employ a diverse team of web designers so that projects benefit from the unique talents and insight of the web designers. When you collaborate with us, you are working with expert web designers who themselves have access to individuals with diverse skill sets.

Close partnership with Webflow

You might be happy to know that we also collaborate with partners to offer clients the best possible solutions for their businesses. In some cases, this means working with a Webflow platform for web design. We have, therefore, established a partnership with Webflow to improve quality.

If you need a high-spec site for your business and you don’t have confidence in your graphic design abilities with Webflow, turn to us. Here at White Peak Digital, we can establish the site you want using the Webflow interface, so you benefit from their hosting and pricing plans as well.

Learn from our Webflow experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Webflow websites good?

Webflow sites are high-quality, fast, and easy to navigate. This is especially important nowadays due to changes in search engine algorithms. Website visitors need to be able to find what they’re looking for fast to reduce bounce rates, retain customers, and rank more highly on SERPs.

Webflow websites are not only intuitive for web designers, but they offer excellent performance and graphic design. Not only that, a Webflow site can be optimised for various devices such as smartphones and tablets – with 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide, it’s easy to see why this is important.

What web design services does Webflow offer?

Webflow is a smart, sleek, and intuitive interface that creates a business site that’s ready to launch, build and function. The first notable advantage is the zero coding of the Webflow design interface, allowing you to make the perfect site without any knowledge of HTML5, CSS, or Javascript.

Webflow also eliminates the need for graphic designers and provides a customisation interface so that you don’t have to stick rigidly to templates. Instead, make beautiful web pages easily and launch them on the same day; the best thing is they are free until you’re ready. Additionally, Webflow provides reliable and secure hosting options that give your clients confidence in your website and company.

How much does Webflow website design cost?

Webflow technically has five payment plans if you consider one of these to be the no-cost plan. As mentioned, you can launch build your site using the platform for no cost at all, which is excellent if you want a freelance website for your blog or business but aren’t ready to make a big investment. Webflow is the best platform available to test the performance and viability of your project.

Although you can launch and operate your Webflow site for zero cost, their paid plans do offer a little bit more. The basic plan will set you back $16 per month, but it gives you more features and larger bandwidth. The $22 option is also a CMS, and the business option comes in at $50 per month.

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