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We work closely with our clients in Australia, either in person or remotely, to bring their vision and goals to life. At White Peak Digital we strive to improve every business we work with through incredible digital design.

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Accounting Web Design

For Australian Accountants

Accounting Web Design

White Peak Digital was created to give our team of passionate, dedicated and talented individuals the resources they need to work together on the best accounting web design projects in Australia. Each member of our team brings their own unique perspective and skills to the agency, which allows us to work across industries and borders on projects that cover every aspect of digital.

Freeman Lawyers
Iconic Renovations & Co
La Cache a Vin
World Flying Disc Federation
Tulla Drilling
Genes Biotech

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Genes Biotech Web Design Demo
Freeman Lawyers Website Design
WMUC 2020 Web Design Demo

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Accounting Website Development

We’re more than a digital design agency. We’re a fully integrated team of digital specialists focused on achieving your goals through strategic design. With years of exceptional experience you can be assured of our professional and dedicated service and ongoing support. Each member of our team brings their own unique perspective and skills to a project, which allows us to work across industries and borders on projects that cover every aspect of digital, including user experience and user interface design.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your website is an essential digital asset to your business’s online marketing strategy. It’s likely that all your existing and potential customers will visit your website at some point.


Therefore, it’s important that your website is search engine optimised, responsive and professionally designed with user experience at its core. A great website should provide your visitors with the best experience possible by addressing their needs quickly and easily.


User experience covers every aspect of how someone interacts with a design, a website for example. This mainly focuses on a sites structure and navigation to allow for the logical flow of information to the user. Your website is the most important element in your digital marketing strategy. It directly affects how you are positioned in the market and perceived by your target audience.


A company’s web design should accurately represent the organisation’s overall branding and key messages. Clear call-to-action elements should be included to allow your visitors to easily navigate your website and find the information they’re looking for.


Every White Peak Digital website is built with the goal of converting visitors into customers while ensuring that the site compliments your digital marketing strategy and business in the long-term.

This is a very difficult question and unfortunately, there is no simple answer. We are aware that clients face many challenges as they start speaking with web designers and discover such variation in pricing.


A websites cost can vary wildly depending on your specific requirements, the complexity of the design, whether it is a custom build, along with any development work that may be required for your desired functionality. Other aspects that can affect the cost include custom graphics, website copy or the ease in which the design can be implemented for both desktop and mobile and much more.


As a guide, a standard well-designed business website that looks professional, is fast to load and has been custom designed for user experience and conversion optimisation may cost between $3000 - $5000. It is always worthwhile discussing your requirements with us because sometimes it can be the small elements that increase or decrease the cost.


It doesn’t matter whether your business is local or national or sells products or a service; without a well built and professional website you will be fighting an uphill battle from the beginning.

This is also a very difficult question to answer because it completely depends on the specific circumstances of the client.


If you require a small business website in a hurry, and have all of your content ready to go including a design brief, our Brisbane team can often turn this around in 2 - 3 weeks.


For best results however, and if you have the time we suggest 6 - 8 weeks. This allows us time to run through the entire project with you, to create a sitemap, draft the initial concepts and gives us time for proper revisions as well.


There is also the website build itself where the custom design is implemented into WordPress (or another CMS). Tweaks are then made and browser testing completed before finally releasing it to your audience.


Custom development work and integrations may also take more time so this should be discussed at the beginning as depending on the complexity, the timeframes will vary extensively.

Absolutley! The internet is an ever evolving space and therefore, websites require ongoing support and maintenance to remain efficient, secure and compatible with the latest devices and software. Core updates and security releases are made available at various times.


They may include, but are not limited to:

  • Bug fixes
  • Security updates
  • General software updates


White Peak Digtal can also offer various other solutions to assist you streamline the ongoing care of your website.

Yes, if your website is built with WordPress, Neto, Shopify or BigCommerce, we do.


A training session is provided after the completion of your project. This session typically covers: adding new pages or blog posts, adding text and images and changing the menu. If you have an ecommerce store it also includes adding products, editing product details, and uploading images.


Additional website training sessions are also available on request for an additional fee. White Peak Digital also offer ongoing support services to assist with the maintenance of your website.

Every web design agency and CMS user has different reasons for which CMS they like to use. Each individual’s WordPress experience will vary because even though it is the core system, the layout, design and editor can vary substantially from one site to another.


Overall, WordPress is popular because it provides a stable, easy to work with platform that has a large developer base. It has had substantial funding that has resulted in numerous platform advancements and it's open source, meaning that you are not restricted in regards to making customisations to your website. It allows for custom design and for your site to grow as your business does.

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