The Brief

Gryphon Psychology, a leader in mental health services for safety-sensitive and high-risk industries, reached out to White Peak Digital with a clear objective: to craft a digital presence that genuinely represents their dedication to minimising mental health risks in demanding work environments.

Their ambition was to launch an online platform that not only showcases their specialised services but also aligns with their organisational values.

The challenge involved creating a website that effectively conveys Gryphon Psychology’s mental health expertise and appeals to their unique audience within high-risk sectors.

Gryphon Psychology Website Home

Our Approach

Our journey with Gryphon Psychology commenced with an extensive discovery phase. Our Brisbane web design team dived deep into understanding the essence of Gryphon Psychology’s mission, the services they offer, and the specific needs of their clients.

Grasping their unique approach to mental health in high-risk environments was crucial for aligning the website’s design and functionality with their goals.

In the design phase, we focused on professional yet engaging visuals, ensuring the website mirrors the seriousness and significance of mental health services in high-risk industries. The design aimed to balance professionalism with accessibility.

The wireframes were carefully developed to offer an intuitive and straightforward structure, facilitating easy navigation and a clear understanding of Gryphon Psychology’s services and ethos.

During the development phase, our focus was on delivering a site that was not only informative but also user-friendly, developed on WordPress for versatility and ease of management. Accessibility for a diverse range of users was a key consideration, reflecting the varied audience Gryphon Psychology caters to.

We conducted thorough testing to ensure the website functioned flawlessly across different devices and browsers, guaranteeing a seamless experience for every user.

Gryphon Psychology Website Landing Page

The Result

Launching Gryphon Psychology’s new website marked a significant milestone in their digital strategy.

The platform effectively encapsulates their dedication to mental health in high-risk industries and has substantially enhanced their digital engagement with relevant organisations.

“From the very first meeting I knew I was in good hands to deliver a new, fresh, easy to navigate website. The team at White Peak Digital were professional as well as always available. They listened to our needs and wants in a new website and designed one that not only met our expectations, it exceeded them.”

Leigh Penny, Marketing Communications at Gryphon Psychology

Following the website’s launch, there was a noticeable increase in online inquiries and positive feedback from both industry partners and clients.

Our ongoing website support and SEO strategies ensure the website remains a dynamic, secure, and effective tool in Gryphon Psychology’s mission to mitigate mental health risks in safety-sensitive and high-risk sectors.

Feeling inspired by Gryphon Psychology’s digital transformation and considering one for yourself? We’d love to chat about your ideas.

To your success,