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Enhance your online presence with our local Sunshine Coast web design services. Our expert team will work with you to create a high-quality website that attracts customers and helps you stand out from your competition in the digital world.


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Our team are passionate about helping Sunshine Coast businesses thrive with exceptional web design that captures attention and drives results. Our Sunshine Coast web design experts boast extensive experience in creating bespoke websites that align with your business objectives and target audience.

When you partner with us, you’ll enjoy a powerful brand identity and a tailored website that caters to your industry niche. Our dedicated team of experts, backed by years of strategic web design experience, is eager to welcome you to our growing list of successful clients.

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Award-Winning Sunshine Coast Designers

How we can help you

Web designs and creating an eye-catching aesthetic is just one of the many ways you can bring in potential customers for your services. By cooperating alongside your design team we can help design website ideas into the perfect website.

Our hard-working team of professional and determined individuals will help enhance your web presence generating interest that will lead to sales. Website development and re-branding may seem like a difficult task, but our passionate staff will take care of it for you.

We promise affordable prices and high-quality service which is why we are confident in calling ourselves the best web design team on the Sunshine Coast. So no matter whether you want to create an entirely new website or just refine your existing e-commerce platform, contact us for a free quote today!

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Google Reviews

Based on 72 reviews

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Graphic Design Sunshine Coast

Logo Design & Branding

When you think of some of the biggest companies in the world such as Google or Facebook, one of the first things you will picture is their unique logo and branding choice. Here at White Peak Digital, we can make sure your logo is as recognisable as some of the big names out there on the Sunshine Coast.

We will collaborate with your team to figure out what sort of logo you would like and make sure that you are happy with any design choices we make. Branding is extremely vital to any effective marketing campaign so we will take the time to verify it works for you.

A creative logo will stand out amongst the many similar graphic designs that populate the online market, something our creative team of experts excel in. By combining your new online branding with a finely crafted web design, you can be certain your sale numbers will grow!

Website Development Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Web Design Agency

Here at White Peak Digital, we pride ourselves on the quality website design we can provide across the Sunshine Coast. Passion and creativity are our teams driving force and we aim to create a website your business will be proud of.

Our design teams will collaborate effectively to not only utilise your brand to generate an eye-catching web design, but they will also build upon it. Website development is all about ways to garner interest and ensure potential customers stay on your site – Which is exactly what our Sunshine Coast web design agency can do for you.

Website development can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. Our agency is packed with passionate experts looking to create their next masterpiece. So whether you need an entirely new web design or you just want a few things adjusting on your WordPress site, get in touch today!

We take on a wide range of projects including both eCommerce web design & WordPress development. While we also share strong partnerships with Shopify, BigCommerce, Neto & more. 

Sunshine Coast Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Website traffic and generating interest in your company is incredibly important, but converting that interest into sales is vital. Thanks to our experience with a range of different company sizes, we can build an incredibly effective online marketing campaign.

One of our specialities is Pay Per Click advertising and using some of the largest PPC platforms, such as Google Ads, to advertise your services to the masses. We will adapt our program to suit your specific needs, each business is different and a unique strategy is needed.

By researching your current brand and your core beliefs, you can be certain that our Sunshine Coast team will hone a project ideal for you. An online presence is valued highly in the digital world whether you are an e-commerce platform or you just want to advertise your web service.

Sunshine Coast Copywriting


One of the most popular methods when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation is copywriting. Copywriting is essentially writing text for the use of marketing and advertising purposes. By combining good copywriting with a good mixture of SEO terms, you can boost the likelihood of your site appearing ahead of competitors on platforms such as Google.

Thanks to years of experience and understanding of search engine optimising, our copywriting team can help refine your new website. Whether that’s ensuring your writing is edited to suit an SEO style or entirely new writing is provided – our Sunshine Coast web service can get it done. We know all the tricks in the book to effectively take advantage of SEO writing and get your service to the first page of Google search results!

Grow Your Brand Online

More Leads & More Sales

From SEO copywriting to generating entirely new brand designs, we can help boost your sale numbers and create a brand that potential clients will love. An entirely new website design can fully rejuvenate your companies image and be an excellent way to kick start your next marketing campaign. This will quickly generate more interest from customers around the world, not just on the Sunshine Coast – leading to more sales.

Our experts pride themselves on the knowledge that they can generate visitors to your new website into long-term clients. More leads mean more sales, which is something that any business can appreciate. Effective web design is easily the best way to achieve this, but here at White Peak Digital, we know a range of effective strategies that can get your revenue booming.

Search Engine Optimisation

Through the use of Search Engine Optimisation, SEO for short, we can help Sunshine Coast Web Design be one of the first results potential customers will find. We achieve this by deducing what keywords customers are most likely to use to find your services and ensuring you are the first result to turn up through engines such as Google.

For example, by designing your website around SEO keywords, when someone on the Sunshine Coast searches for your service or product they will find your site immediately. Search Engine Optimisation can be incredibly effective if done correctly – And is the perfect way to get ahead of competitors. This is best achieved online through refined copywriting, which is a service we can provide and have years of experience doing!

Mobile Friendly

Mobile phones are easily the most popular gadget used around the globe. With so many people accessing the internet using their mobile devices, you will want to make sure your website features a mobile-friendly design. We can take care of this aspect of web development for you. Designing your site with a range of resolutions and screen sizes in mind is highly recommended. Thankfully, our Sunshine Coast web design agency can ensure that customers can access your services on a majority of modern devices.

Alongside how your website visually looks, we will also make sure that optimisation happens behind the scenes. Regardless of whether your web page is accessed through a mobile or on a PC, we will ensure it is incredibly responsive and easy to access.

User Friendly Design

Modern web development is based around a slick and contemporary design to ensure your customers find what they are looking for. A clean design is far more professional than a messy packed homepage, and we know exactly how to achieve this. Another large advantage to a clean website design is it will boost how responsive and quick to load each of the pages of your site is. This will prevent customers from becoming inpatient due to a sluggish site that is a chore to navigate.

Our creative staff will aid you in finding a clean look representative of the Sunshine Coast. This will be done in collaboration with the branding team ensuring that both compliment each other well. For example, as tempting as it may be to pack your website with images, it can lead to a long loading times in web design.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Website Design Important for Marketing Strategy?

Website design is an extremely important aspect of any companies marketing strategy. As so many people rely on the internet to find the services they are looking for, you will want your site to stand out.

You will usually find that the more professional and eye-catching your website design is, the more likely people are to contact you regarding the services you provide. This added interest will bring in more sales and improve your revenue, not only along the coast but around the world.

Are There Any Web Hosting Services That You Highly Recommend?

There are lots of different web hosting services available to companies throughout the Sunshine Coast. Our most recommended host for WordPress website hosting is Kinsta. 

However, if you are looking for a larger based hosting agency then you may want to check out SiteGround. Although slightly pricier than other competitors, SiteGround offers premium features and incredible speeds when it comes to hosting larger sites.

Can You Run My Social Media as Well as Doing My Website Design?

Managing social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter is key to almost any successful digital marketing campaign. Generating interest in your services is vital, but our passionate team can convert those into sales.

We are more than happy to offer assistance in managing social media as your success is incredibly important to use. By combining both web design and social media management you can be certain that your Sunshine Coast brand will become a household name.

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Website?

There is no set answer to this question as the price of web design can vary depending on a range of factors. Factors such as the size of the sight, the chosen hosting service and the complexity of the web design play a large role in determining a price.

A typical price for a decent site that loads fairly fast and features a professional look design can be anywhere between $3000 to $5000. However, this is just a guideline price as the cost can vary based on the required features.

If you would like to discuss costs and get a rough guide price for our services then give our friendly Sunshine Coast team a call on 1300 489 144. We are more than happy to guide you through our pricing and find a price that works for you!

Do You Also Provide Support and Maintenance for Websites?

Maintaining your website and making sure it is constantly up to date is incredibly important. This is why you can rely on us to constantly maintain your new site and keep its web design modern and responsive.

Our Sunshine Coast service provides an array of support services such as:

  • Security updates
  • Tweaking current web designs
  • Bug Fixes
  • Updating software your site relies on

This isn’t everything we provide, however. Contact our Sunshine Coast team on 1300 489 144 to discuss any maintenance your website may require. We wouldn’t call ourselves experts if we couldn’t get it done!

Is WordPress a Good Website Builder?

WordPress is easily one of the most accessible and robust content management systems available online. It offers its users a range of tools that can help them create a website without much previous experience making it an ideal choice for smaller businesses.

One of the biggest advantages, alongside its accessibility, is its SEO management tools. Users will be able to add images and text with ease, whilst still being able to maintain a high standard of SEO practice. However, it is mainly designed for small-scale sites and blog web pages as opposed to larger service websites or e-commerce platforms.

To find out more about WordPress and whether or not it’s the right CMS for your needs don’t hesitate to get in touch! We can help you find the right website package for your needs!

What if I don't live on the Sunshine Coast?

No worries! We provide award-winning web design services to our clients all over Australia, including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and the Gold Coast.

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