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If you clicked your way through the internet and found this article to know more about Web Design in Adelaide, it is safe to assume you're thinking about creating a website or at least upgrade the one you already have.

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Website Design in Adelaide

Being an upcoming digital agency in Adelaide, White Peak Digital is a team of dedicated, passionate, and professional individuals who are working collectively on some of the best web design projects in the city.

Each and every member of our valuable team offers a unique set of skills and attributes allowing us to widen our scopes of speciality to cater to a wide variety of clients with different and specific needs. So if you’re interested in learning more about website design and how White Peak Digital will fit into your needs, this article is certain to help you.

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Adelaide Web Design

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When it comes to any website design, it is crucial to have a sound knowledge of what to expect and what makes White Peak Digital different from any other agency in Adelaide. We have summarised some of our most popular features down below and how they’ll lead you for more and better leads in the future.

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We've been producing high quality corporate projects since 2015.


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Adelaide Graphic Design

Logo Design and Branding

One of the most important aspects of any step of the web design process is how it’s presented to its visitors. The very first thing a potential visitor might see at first glance is the name and the logo of your brand or business. So having an eye-catching Logo incorporated into your web design is

Website Development Adelaide

Web Design Agency Adelaide

Being a professional digital agency which has delivered dozens of website design projects, White Peak Digital is still on a project intake window. This means you still got time to have your website professionally designed at an affordable price using our services in Adelaide.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the online world or an existing veteran, we have got the right website design for you. Keep reading if you want to see what our previous satisfied customers have to say about our services.

We take on a wide range of projects including both WordPress development & eCommerce web design. While we also share strong partnerships with Shopify, BigCommerce, Neto & More. 


Digital Marketing Adelaide

Digital Marketing

In this ever-growing world of technology and the internet, digital marketing has skyrocketed and is currently dominating almost every other marketing channel. So if you’re thinking of opening an eCommerce store or thinking of updating your existing website into a digital storefront, we can definitely make it possible with ease with our dedicated web design team here in Adelaide.

Promoting your products and services through websites is definitely the way forward for both you and your online business and our marketing team will certainly help you achieve those goals based on your needs and requirements.

Even if your website is not directly linked to an eCommerce store and not heavily focused on marketing, it still is good practice to add a ‘call to action’ to promote both your website and your business.

Copywriting Adelaide


Copywriting typically goes hand in hand with having an eCommerce store as it is a crucial part of creating brand awareness and persuading the customer to take an action within the website. If you’re in need of professional copywriting services to give your website that extra boost it needs, our dedicated team in Adelaide is more than capable enough to provide you with copywriting services on request.

Having decent product descriptions and blogposts can massively help you with SEO and potentially rank even higher on Google with time – so don’t underestimate the power of having richer text on your homepage.

Grow Your Brand Online

More Leads & More Sales

Search Engine Optimisation

Having well over a million in population, and with hundreds and thousands of online businesses entering the webspace every day, a fresh website in Adelaide could easily get lost in the second page of Google forever without getting to reach its full potential.

Our expert team of web designers is there to help you overcome just that by creating and designing your website fully SEO optimized so that no matter who searches for your core keyword, you’d be the number one on search results – all you have to do is just sit back and watch the traffic comes in.

Mobile Friendly

Having a website in this day and age means that it is not only limited to a high-powered computer anymore. Anyone anywhere with a smartphone can easily browse a website in a matter of seconds. So it is crucial for businesses to make their website as mobile-friendly as possible.

Well, this is where our web design team shines the most. We have dozens of custom websites in our portfolio which are perfectly tailored towards both computers and mobile devices, allowing a smooth experience for all their visitors.

A Clean Design

Just like how a website should have high functionality with mobile-friendly and SEO features, it should equally look the part too. No matter how functional your website is, if it looks clunky and feels like it was made in the 1900s, it will drive away all the traffic you managed to get ahold of in the first place.

Lucky for you, our expert team of web designers is well experienced in delivering aesthetically pleasing clean designs for all kinds of digital businesses. From minimal funnel designs to more customer-friendly eCommerce stores, our friendly web designers are more than capable of catering to your needs.

However, if you have any special or specific requests for your website design, discuss it prior to your order so we can have a clear idea of what’s expected and design it effectively according to those requirements.

What our clients have to say

Learn from our experience in Adelaide

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a website cost?

As simple as this question sounds, it is very hard to give out an exact answer. The pricing of a website will undoubtedly vary depending on a multitude of factors.

One of the most common factors that affect the cost is the specialization clients require. With the complexity of their requirements, the degree of customization, any specific development work for the project, and many more factors, it will make it even harder to determine the actual price.

Regardless, a typical professionally designed custom website that loads quickly and optimized on all devices would roughly cost between $3000 – $5000.

How Important is Website Design?

If you’re looking to design a new website or update your existing website for your company, you must already have some sort of an idea of how crucial a website is to your business and how important it is to build and maintain a credible online presence.

For that reason, a new website should ideally be geared towards having exceptional Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) features while providing a smooth mobile-friendly experience for all its visitors.

Not only is it important to give the user an effortless experience, but it should also equally be efficient and quick in addressing the user’s needs and requirements as well.

Why is custom web design better then a website builder?

The main reason why services like Squarespace or Wix gained a lot of popularity is that they allow people to create basic websites using templates at a relatively low price within a matter of days.

However, if you’re in need of any advanced or customised features more specific to your needs, you would either have to learn the platform by scratch or hire a third-party digital agency to do it for you, which will certainly cost you more money and time to get your website up and running.

By getting professional services from one of the best agencies in Adelaide like this, you will get to appreciate everything you want for your new website along with the professionalism and expertise of all our web designers all bundled in the same package – so you won’t have anything else to worry about.

How long does it take to build a website?

Depending on your own needs and requirements, the amount of time it takes to complete a project will certainly vary.

If you’re a relatively new business owner in need of a website as quick as you can, our expert team in Tasmania will be able to accomplish a job of this quality in about 2 – 3 weeks, assuming you have all the content ready along with a rough sketch to your design brief.

But if you’re more flexible with your time and want the ultimate design services, we’d recommend 6-8 weeks. This way, we can run through all the aspects of our web development process giving you a thorough idea of what to expect. It also allows us enough time to fill you in with the ongoing drafts with enough time for revisions.

Custom and personalized work would heavily affect the length of the project, so make sure all your specifications are clearly mentioned and discussed in the beginning to get an accurate timeframe for your project.

What is the best CMS for an e-commerce website?

Overall, the best and the most commonly used CMS options for eCommerce websites are WordPress or Shopify. This is why we have incorporated WordPress into our web development process and partnered with Shopify.

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be the best CMS for every eCommerce website. Each business has its own standards and needs, so the best overall might not exactly be the best choice for you.

Make sure you fully understand all your goals, desired features, and more importantly, your budget, before committing to one Content Management System (CMS).

Can you provide website Support & Maintenance?

Without a doubt! We fully understand how the ever-evolving internet needs constant and ongoing support to maintain its efficiency and provide a secure platform for all websites.

We have made it our responsibility to ensure your new website works as smoothly on all the latest devices and software while updating security and compatibility patches as necessary with time.

The main areas we provide support but not limited to are:

  • Bug Fixing
  • Security Updates
  • General Software Updates

To further assist you in streamlining the ongoing support for your new website, we offer various kinds of other support such as Website Hosting as well, which can be discussed initially.

Why Is WordPress So Popular?

Being one of the most flexible yet stable platforms in the market, WordPress has been an industry standard since 2003 powering over 30% of all the websites on the internet.

The reason behind this immense popularity is because of its robust Content Management System and the ability to create, customize and manage websites relative ease without the need to know extreme amounts of coding and web designing.

Not only is it convenient, but WordPress is also integrated with some of the best Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) features which makes it way easier for newer websites to gain recognition, hence why it has become extremely popular in the current market.

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