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Web design packages aren't just for big businesses. Your business may be small, but it still deserves its own website. You're probably thinking, where do I even start? That's where our small business website design packages can help!


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Our Australian small business web design department was set up so that our team of talented and committed experts could work on projects around the globe. Each of our designers brings something unique to our digital agency. This means we can successfully work on projects in many different industries and niches, in every form of digital design.

A good web designer can customise a new website to fit the client’s needs, and that’s exactly what our digital agency does. We custom-build our websites to fit your content. Whichever colours, styles and designs you want, our expert team is more than happy to help your business.

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Small Business Website Experts

Why Use a Web Designer?

You may be wondering if it’s worth using a website development company. Our small business website design team are all highly skilled professionals. They all possess the practical and creative expertise to create websites that are fully functional and will ensure outstanding search engine rankings.

Good website design is imperative because it influences how people see your business. The impression they get from your website can be the difference between a sale or not. Effective website design practices will ensure your leads stay on your site.

Not only will a professional give you better results, but they will also save you time. As you know, in business time is money, and building a website can be a long and painstaking process.

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Based on 72 reviews

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Small Business Websites

Why do small businesses need a great website?

So, why do you even need a small business website? Is it even worth it? The short answer is yes. The fact is if your small business isn’t online, a huge amount of potential buyers could be completely passing you by.

Easy To Find

In today’s world, everything is online and shoppers are always searching for products and services on smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Having a website means your target market can easily find your business and see what you can offer them.

When buyers are looking to make a purchase, they want products and services that they can access easily, wherever they are in the world. Also, your website means that you’ll be available to them any time of the day or night, meaning they’re more likely to reach out to your business.

Builds Credibility

When you tell people about your new business, you can almost guarantee the first thing they’ll ask you about is your website. If you don’t have one, the response you’ll probably be met with is “but why don’t you have a website?”

Shoppers are wary these days and many will automatically disregard a company if it doesn’t have a professional-looking online presence. An aesthetically pleasing and informative website instantly makes your business more credible and instils trust in potential customers.

Small Businesses in Australia

What should a small business website include?

It’s not just pretty colours and attractive designs that make your website user-friendly. Your aim should be to inspire visitors to stick around, find out more about your small business, and ultimately, buy from you.

To do this, there are a few must-have components that your new website should include:

Who are you?

If someone happens to find your website, they shouldn’t have to turn into a detective to find out who you are and what you do or sell. Clearly state your name and include some information summarising your services or products on the homepage.

Tell them that your website is what they’ve been looking for and how your products or services can help them. When someone lands on your homepage, you only have a few seconds to grab their attention. An effective, straight-to-the-point description is essential if you want your customer to stay with you.

Contact information

It’s not just pretty colours and attractive designs that make your website user-friendly. Your aim should be to inspire visitors to stick around, find out more about your small business, and ultimately, buy from you.

To do this, there are a few must-have components that your new website should include:

What our clients have to say

Small Business Web Design Agency

How to choose the best agency

A good website design company should listen to their clients and know the importance of excellent customer service. This is exactly the ethos our agency takes. Our Australian small business web design team have years of experience and know-how and have proudly built beautiful, functional and successful websites.

We highly recommend you check out our success stories to see how we can do the same for your business. For even more information, why not follow us on our social media accounts? We’re much more than just a digital marketing agency, we believe in working with our clients and listening to their needs. This in turn allows us to create the websites that deliver the best possible results.

Whether you need quotes for a brand new site or your existing website needs polishing up, our professional team is here for you.

Web Design for Small Business

Our Small Business Website Services

Website Design

Your new website is the first thing your buyers will see when they search for products or services like yours. A responsive, user-friendly and professional website is the beating heart of your business.

It may seem like a simple process, but building a website takes a lot of thought, planning and know-how.

However, from start to finish our team will be with you with every step. This means we’ll be able to achieve amazing results that will boost your small business.

Our dedicated team of web developers are ready and waiting to help you reach your business goals through smart designs.

Our combined years of experience has allowed us to create functional and top-class websites for our clients. You can expect full support and professional and helpful services from us.

Need more information around our solutions? Check out our WordPress developer Brisbane & eCommerce website design options. 

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is how high up your website appears in the Google search results or any other search engine.

Obviously, the aim is to get your website as high as possible because this means you’re more likely to gain lots of buyers.

There’s a lot that goes into reaching good SEO levels and the most important aspect is your website copy. Copy means words, so what is written on your website will determine how far up you appear in search results.

When it comes to good SEO practices, keywords are essential. These are what buyers use when they’re searching for products or services and if your website features these keywords, these buyers are more likely to find your small business.

Shoppers trust search engines, so if your website appears at the top when the user searches for the keywords, they’re more likely to have confidence in your site.

SEO is also good for getting your website socially promoted. If your website is found through a search engine, it’s more likely to get promoted through social media platforms, meaning more traffic (potential buyers) will reach you.

Our small business web design professionals will ensure your website is built with structure and coding that search engines like. You want your online presence to be found, and as SEO experts, we understand how important this is to you.

Digital Marketing

Effective digital marketing is one of the key things when building a successful business. Getting the traffic to your website may be easy, but turning them into buyers is where we really thrive.

So why is digital marketing important in business? You probably know that marketing techniques are all about reaching an audience and connecting with them at the right time and place.

Well, seeing as more and more people buy on the web these days, these marketing techniques need to be used online in order to reach these buyers. That’s where digital marketing comes in. Simply put, it’s any marketing that’s done online.

When you use digital, or online, marketing techniques, you’ll be able to reach a bigger crowd of customers affordably and effectively.

Our small business web designers can plan, design, and create an effective full-service digital marketing campaign. Our expert digital marketing services will:

  • Help you reach your business goals
  • Gain more leads
  • Increase brand development
  • Boost your sales.

Mobile App Development

In today’s world, more and more people are shopping online using their smartphones and IOS devices. If you want to reach more of these buyers, we highly recommend mobile app development, especially if you’re a small business.

But what is mobile app development? Essentially, it’s when your website is developed to be easily viewed on a mobile device.

Our small business web design company can ensure your website works well on tablets, mobile devices and laptops and desktops.

At the moment, small businesses using mobile apps is still relatively unheard of. Our effective mobile and web development services will help your business stand out from your competitors.

Offering a mobile app service to your buyers will delight and surprise them. They’ll be impressed with the innovative and enterprising approach of your brand.

Content & Copywriting

Even great looking websites are nothing without engaging copy to go with them. Make sure yours is successful with our expert and professional copywriting services.

Our team of specialists can write effective copy that will be customised for your business and expertly optimised for search engine success.

The first thing visitors see when they view websites is the copy. It’s what helps them decide if that website is trustworthy, professional and worth their time.

This is why your copy needs to be spot on. First impressions count when it comes to websites, especially ones selling products or services. Your customer needs to know your business is credible and bad copy will put them off.

With our professional copywriting, you can be sure your web content will be tailored for your business and target market. Our team of experts will write copy that visitors enjoy reading and that instils trust in them, leading to more sales.

Getting to know your brand and ideal customers will enable us to write content to suit your personal style, reflect your business and ultimately, reach your goals.

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