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There has never been a more critical time to get on board with eCommerce website design! With the Australian eCommerce market's revenue expected to grow significantly in 2021, it is clear that marketplaces are increasingly becoming digitalised - with so much business moving towards online spaces.

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With the number of eCommerce businesses and online stores increasing exponentially every year, it can be challenging for a smaller company to get noticed or stand out from the crowd. Good quality website design can be an invaluable tool to set a website apart from its competition and create a distinguished brand that customers can recognise and trust.

Our ecommerce development capabilities don’t stop there though – we have experience in both enterprise web development & corporate web design. No website is too small or too large. 

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What is e-commerce website design?

eCommerce web design involves creating the foundations of any online store or business. To max-out your online store’s profitability, businesses should make use of all the digital marketing tools at their disposal. A large portion of the success of any online e-commerce store comes from consumer awareness. After all, how will you make any sales if nobody knows you exist?

eCommerce design helps businesses expand the number of visitors to their site by boosting their organic rankings on popular search engines such as Google. Websites that rank highly on popular search engines can save thousands each year on email marketing costs as customers already have effortless, natural access to their website for free!

A good e-commerce strategy is a key to achieving this, and any company looking to take their online store to the next level should speak to our Brisbane team today. By doing so, our designers, web developers and social media marketing experts will work alongside you to generate web-traffic within your target market and take your business to new heights.

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How an E-Commerce Website Works

Following the law of averages, the higher your website’s amount of traffic (visitors to your online store), the higher your sales will be.

An e-commerce website can make this happen far quicker than through natural growth alone – by promoting your brand across various digital marketing channels.

An e-commerce website can generate sales by focusing on a brand retention strategy to establish customer loyalty and further brand awareness.

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5 Ways To Grow Your eCommerce Business

It’s crazy to think that 7 out of every 10 carts, on average, are abandoned on an eCommerce website. That’s a lot of sales that a store like yours is missing out on. Successful eCommerce stores attract, convert and retain customers.

eCommerce Search Engine Optimisation

What Is An E-Commerce SEO Strategy?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is another invaluable marketing tool for any e-commerce platform. For those who are unaware, SEO is the practice of increasing the quantity of traffic to a website, alongside its quality.

Using SEO means that websites will get more customers to their online store, and increase their chances of making sales, which can help establish a dependable customer base and increase brand engagement. When SEO strategies merge with our years of experience in brand management, digital marketing and ecommerce website design, there is no limit to the help that we can bring to your e-commerce website.

There are a number of CMS platforms to choose from, and here is a link so you can read more about out WordPress developer Brisbane services. To summarise, WordPress is another tool which can help an e-commerce website generate more web traffic and customers to their online store. WordPress is one of the easiest and most effective ways of creating an online site which is professional, user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. WordPress powers as much as 39.5% of all internet sites, which roughly equates to 1 in every four online stores or websites!

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Advantages of E-Commerce Website Design

As e-commerce and digital marketing are fast becoming the go-to way of generating repeated business and sales, more and more companies are waking up to the importance of good ecommerce design. Below are just some of the main advantages that quality design can bring to an e-commerce platform:

Developing brand trust – Investing in good design can work wonders for an e-commerce platform. By building a robust and cohesive image, customers are more likely to trust the brand – and thus more likely to make repeated sales.

Increasing conversion rates – Quality ecommerce website design allows a business to know how and where to place every essential element on their web-page. By utilising colour coding and other creative marketing strategies, ecommerce web design can increase brand conversion rates, and instantly set them apart.

Increase user attachment – Visitors to an e-commerce store are more inclined to stay if the content is visually appealing. Excellent ecommerce design keeps users interested, and the longer they remain on your online store, the more likely they are to give your their business.

We work with a range of different platforms and are recognised Shopify developer partners. Alternative solutions include our BigCommerce design services, while we are also accredited Neto designers

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Website Design

Your website's design is the most important aspect of your business. It is the first thing that a potential customer will see, and with the amount of competition there is elsewhere in Australia and the world, it must make an impact.
By choosing our team for your web-page design, our dedicated team of marketers and ecommerce web designers will use their combined expertise to make your web-page memorable, current, and correctly optimised, in order to increase your sales and revenue!

Search Engine Optimisation

As mentioned, SEO is another invaluable tool for any e-commerce site. Without it, there is a risk that your site will not have enough reach to clients across Australia and beyond - leading to a loss in potential sales.

By choosing our Brisbane-based organisation for all things SEO, we can guarantee that our developers will optimise all of the site's content to attract more traffic and the right sort of traffic. Which, in turn, will lead to an increase in sales and further your brand's identity.

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Establishing a brand is one of the most challenging times for any business. With the amount of online business in Australia increasing at an unprecedented rate, stores which utilise good website design put themselves a step ahead of the competition.

Enlisting our help here at White Peak Digital can offer brands years worth of guidance and experience to help them develop their brand’s identity and increase the number of products they sell. Any new or developing e-commerce website cannot afford to be missing out on the experience that we – as established ecommerce web designers and marketers – can offer.

Looking for other web design options? Discover our full range of web design Brisbane solutions here.

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