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At White Peak Digital, we work collectively with our clients in Perth, face-to-face or virtually, to bring their design aspirations to life. We pride ourselves on going that one step further to empower our client’s potential through fresh, pioneering digital web design.

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Website Design in Perth

Founded in 2019, each unique member of our team brings a different skill set to the table. This allows us to work across a wide range of sectors, with a variety of clients on numerous web design projects – making us more than just a web design agency.

Our end focus? To bring your business goals to life through strategic design, passion and skill. Our team of dedicated web designers offer an array of top-notch services, spanning from innovative web design, to digital marketing, brand design, copywriting and more.

Want to know more about web design Perth? Get in touch today. Our web designers will happily give you the down low when it comes to taking your business online. Whether you wish to improve, grow, or scale your empire, we will tailor our web development services to your every need.

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Web Design Client - Iconic Renovations & Co
Web Design Client - ACCESS Events APAC
Web Design Client - La Cache a Vin
Web Design Client - Dymocks Tutoring
Web Design Client - Affinity Migration
Web Design Client - Eleven Plus Studio

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Perth Web Design

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A varied web team means varied skills. From fashioning new e-commerce websites to creating copy for existing businesses, to marketing a specific campaign or revamping your branding, we cover a broad range of digital design sets – all guaranteed to bring your business to life!

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Graphic Design Perth

Logo Design and Branding

A logo is an asset to a businesses’ brand, it’s often the first thing the consumer sees, which is why it needs to tell your story, reflect your values and embrace every visible element of your company. Whether you have a design in mind or need to create something from scratch, our team of Perth web designers are here to help.

So what makes a successful brand identity? Asides from a great logo, it’s more than this, it’s every element of your company’s appearance. To ensure we embody your brand, our expert web design team get to know the ins and outs of your business.

This helps us to create a web package, utilising web design services, that perfectly reflect your company’s values. We do this by defining your business goals, conveying your key message and attracting your target audience – all through thought-provoking and innovative design.

Web Development Perth

Web Design Agency Perth

If you’re looking to optimise your company sales, you need a great e-commerce website. A professional, contemporary and tech-savvy e-commerce website is the key to boosting operational efficiency and revenue.

Our current clients sell across a variety of diverse channels, all of which allow them to expand their business offerings quickly and efficiently. From managing websites to inventories, our web designers and developers help our clients to create one-stop personalised platforms, with speedy load times, ensuring high traffic rates.

Slower websites are not only frustrating to consumers, they cause a decrease in rankings, which results in fewer business leads.

We build our websites on several highly reputable hosting platforms, including Neto, Shopify, WordPress and WooCommerce. These hosting sites allow us to provide a versatile offering with a solution to suit all clients, whether wholesalers, online retailers, small to medium businesses or global corporations.

In addition to web platforms, our web designers help you go that one step further with mobile app development, allowing you to move your products and services into the mobile sphere.

What does this mean? It puts your company’s services at your user’s fingertips, giving them access to information on tap – including everything from services to reviews, to marketing campaigns and more. A pro, engaging and trusty app, suited to both Android and iOS users, enables you to tap into a much wider audience.

We take on a wide range of projects including both WordPress development & eCommerce web design. While we also share strong partnerships with Shopify, BigCommerce, Neto & More. 

Digital Marketing In Perth

Digital Marketing

Attracting traffic to your site is great, but without turning traffic into conversions, there’s little point in building a great looking website. If you wish to boost your leads, both organically and via paid advertising, you need a solid marketing strategy.

This is when hiring the services of a quality digital marketing agency is key! Every successful global company embracing this foundation is able to appeal to a modern-day audience.

How do we help you turn your customers into sales? We start by growing your business. We do this by attracting customers to your website through the use of strategically positioned SEO content and optimised campaigns – all of which are designed with your target market in mind. The result? A bigger conversion rate.

To ensure we’re meeting your business goals, we track these efforts, using tech-savvy analytics to ensure smart decisions and a return on investment.

Copywriting In Perth


Once you have your audience, you need to keep them engaged, this is where our professional SEO copywriting skills come into play. Whether a news feed, blog, website, social media post or advertising campaign – there are many ways to engage with your following. All of these mediums require professional SEO copy, bespoke to your brand, to ensure you keep your customers captivated.

How do we do this? Our unique Perth web design services help you to tailor copy to your target market, creating content that customised to your style, service and consumers. Increasing engagement rates, and keeping your target market engaged for longer, boosts your chances of creating a loyal following, and ultimately, a sale.

As well as existing customers, it’s important to attract new clientele in Australia, this is where SEO content is a necessity and allows users to create professional copy that sits at the top of the search engine results.

Perth Websites

What makes a good website?

A good website needs to look good and embrace site speed optimisation. In simple terms? A quick load speed. Slow-loading websites can make all the difference between a customer choosing you and another service. People don’t have time to wait for a page to load, not when they have access to an abundance of other services at their fingertips. If your ultimate aim is to increase traffic and boost leads, it’s imperative your website loads quickly.

Other factors to take into consideration? A user-friendly interface. Your websites need to be easy to navigate. Our web design developers ensure this through legible content, interactive pages and a clear structure. Your website reflects your company and is often the first thing customers see. A poorly designed, non-functional web site suggests your products and services are of the same quality.

Your website should also be optimised for mobile phones (this is the platform today’s generation prefer), it should feature fresh, engaging content, clear calls to action and should be optimised for search and social. Finally, it needs to showcase clear contact details.

What our clients have to say

Grow Your Brand Online

More Leads & More Sales

To generate more leads, and ultimately, more sales, you need to nurture your customers through their buying journey. This is where a strategic marketing solution comes in to play. We offer a range of web solutions, all of which are dedicated to helping our clients boost engagement rates through bespoke digital design.

Search Engine Optimisation

Perth is a big city with a huge population, which means there is lots of competition out there, especially in the digital sphere. To ensure you reach the right audience, and beat the rivalry, quality SEO responsive web design is a must.

Ensuring you have the tools to make this a fundamental part of your business’s marketing strategy is crucial to your company ranking number one in the search engines. The more core keywords you have, the more business you will generate.

Today’s search engines are constantly updating their algorithms, if you don’t want to get left behind, you must adapt quickly.

Mobile Friendly

From the journey to the point of sale, the go-to device of today is the smartphone. Over half of all Internet visitors stem from smart devices and mobile apps. From chatting to friends to booking appointments to researching information and buying products and services online using virtual shopping carts, a mobile-friendly website is something all modern-day businesses should embrace.

So what is it? As the name suggests, a mobile responsive website is a web solution that works seamlessly on a mobile phone or tablet.

This style of the website can respond to all devices and displays, from small mobile screens to 46″ LCD screens. Websites that aren’t responsive can look messy and clunky on smaller screens, which is a huge turn off to the tech-savvy shopper.

The main benefits of a mobile-friendly website include providing a streamlined experience across a range of devices, heightened mobile conversion rates, a constructive ranking signal, heightened user experiences, and speedy download speeds.

In addition to this, mobile responsive sites are more cost-effective and offer more flexibility over app development.

A Clean Design

One of the biggest problems with web design today is that it quickly becomes outmoded, this is why clean website design is extremely important. Crowded web pages not only look hectic, they quickly lose their appeal, whereas sleek website design can stand the test of time and is easy to update. You can do this yourself or you can invest in the services of web design agencies.

From basic layouts to simple typography, there are many benefits to clean website design, one being a simple website is easy to scan. people don’t have hours to spend scrolling through webpages, they want to know what service you sell or what product you stock in an instance.

Stripping your web design down to the bare necessities will allow you to focus on what’s important, drawing your reader’s attention to your core product, value and brand identity.

Using a lot of white space makes it easy for the viewer to understand who you are and what you offer, without having to navigate through multiple pages and huge sums of text.

Both imagery and short video snippets are an asset to contemporary websites and a great alternative to pages and pages of content. This is when investing in the services of a top web designer and marketing agency is key to seamless website design.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a website cost?

This depends on the type of website you choose, the web development platform you wish to use, whether it needs to be interactive and how many web pages are required. Before considering styles, it’s wise to consider your end budget. This will allow you to learn more about what is achievable.

The average price of a design and development project starts at $3,000 for a business website. This includes the hosting of the site, and the shopping cart build, if an e-commerce site. To learn more about our bespoke website design quotes, contact us today.

How long will I need to wait for my new website to be designed?

Again, this depends on the type of website you envision and how many hours of design and development are needed to create it. An interactive site with several pages and tech-savvy features will take a lot longer to build than that of an information-only website with few pages and few features.

If you have a deadline or launch date to stick to, discuss this with our web designer team. Once our developers have your projects brief to hand, they will be able to give you a clear timeline.

As a ballpark figure, a simple web build project will take around three weeks to complete in full. Website design that requires more complex solutions may take slightly longer.

Will you maintain my website for me?

This depends on your personal preferences and your skillset. Some clients prefer to action all changes, updates and new pages in house, leaving any coding up to the web design company. Others, who don’t have a web or marketing team to fall back on, necessitate that all changes are completed by our web developers. When discussing the build of your site, this will be discussed in your web design package.

The majority of our clients in Perth will opt for a retainer, or they may ask our designers to train their staff to a level that allows them to action basic changes – such as adding new team members to the contacts page, an article to the news section or updating CMS platforms. We provide every one of our clients with the necessary documentation and training required to maintain their site.

Will my website be mobile friendly?

If you need your website to be mobile-friendly, we will happily build a mobile responsive site for your company in Perth. If you’re unsure of which platform your users prefer, we will analyse your existing site. This will determine what platforms your clients in Perth prefer.

As the majority of website visitors prefer to view web content on the move, often via a tablet or smartphone, our web development team recommend creating a site that works across all mediums – a professional SEO responsive website is a must. This digital asset is one that should be included in all modern-day business’s marketing strategies.

Why is WordPress so popular?

WordPress is not only extremely versatile, it’s easy-to-use and suited to a wide range of industries in Perth, including everything from the creative sector to the finance industry. It’s a dab hand to customise and boasts numerous plugins and themes, all of which are constantly being added to and updated.

One of its major perks however is that it’s SEO-friendly. This web development platform boasts conventional quality code, which in simple terms means Google and other search engines love it! This is one of the reasons a WordPress hosting site ranks higher in search engines than other platforms on the market to date.

It also utilises numerous WordPress SEO plugins, which help to further enhance and optimise your website, creating heightened experiences for your visitors. On top of this, it can handle different media formats, including audio, images and video files.

Another reason for its popularity? It’s highly secure. This is a must for those running eCommerce stores today, especially platforms in Perth storing personal data. Whether you’re selling online courses, making an e-commerce store, building a business website or writing a blog, WordPress is your go-to!

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