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At White Peak Digital, our team offers you expert web design solutions. We're an award-winning company with years of experience and practice in the web design industry. Our web design Australia experts focus on developing a real relationship with you -they'll start by getting to know you, your business, and your customers.

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Web design & development

Web Design in Australia

Along the process, we’re more than happy to listen to any input you may have. If you’ve got any ideas you want to be implemented, we’re all ears. After all, it’s your new website! Following the launch of your website and the success it brings, we’re here to help you with any questions and queries you may have over time.

No matter whether you’re a small business or a large business, if you’re looking for a new website that is easy to use, gets you to the top of the search engine, and has a high conversion rate – then get in contact with our team.

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Complete focus on your project, we never split our attention.


We've been producing high quality projects since 2015.


Our designs are based off of real world data and best practices.


You can be assured by our exceptional care and attention.

Dedicated Team

Web Design and Development

Our web design team has years of experience in web development and e-commerce development. We put customer service and satisfaction to the forefront. Our expert web designers start by getting to know you and your business, so that we can identify short and long-term goals. We’ll work with you to develop a plan, allowing us to achieve our goals within your time frame and budget. If you have an idea or suggestion then we’ll try our utmost to build upon and implement it. We’ll communicate with you throughout the whole process, ensuring clear visual concepts are provided. We’ll also ask you to view the site and supply feedback throughout the entire development process, keeping you as involved as possible!

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Keeping It Simple

Web Development Australia

We offer friendly and understanding communication with no technical jargon – so you can understand and learn how everything works. Our full-service digital agency is dedicated to working directly with you – the client – to help you achieve your business goals. Our service doesn’t stop when your website is completed, however. If you need help following the launch of your site, we’re here to assist you still. We want your website to be a success just as much as you do. That’s why we’re proud of the work we produce, in addition to the great reviews and awards we’ve received since we started in 2015.

What We Offer

Australian Web Design

Our website design team have worked with companies across Australia for many years now. We have the experience, knowledge, and skills necessary to provide your business with a modern, functional, and successful website that you can be proud to have your business’ name on.

In the modern age, your website must be versatile enough to work on any platform. Our team of developers ensures that your website is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate on all devices. For websites to be successful, SEO has to be at the heart of the web development process. Our experts have worked with and mastered SEO in Australia over several years, so they’ll be able to develop the best plan of action for your individual needs.

We’ll get your site to the top of the search engine, and we’ll make sure it reaches your target group!

Our Brisbane team are not just experts on web design for Australia based businesses. We can offer your business a range of services including high-quality brand design, digital marketing strategy, and copy-writing work. Whether you’re a small business start-up or an established, market-leading company – we offer superior web design work and strategy to boost your online presence.

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5 Steps To A Winning Website Project

A successful website project is a collaboration between you and the design agency that you choose to work with. It’s a combination of the needs of your business and the skill and expertise of a great web design company.

For Australian Businesses

Why is website design so important?

If you’ve ever visited a business’ website that looks unprofessional and unfinished – you know why web design is so important.

Once a customer – whether new or existing – sees that a website isn’t optimised for phones, or uses outdated design, they may click off and look elsewhere. You need to grab the customer’s attention, as your website is the first thing they’ll see when searching for your company. No business can afford to push customers away with the impression that they’re an unprofessional, untrustworthy company – and updating your website is the best way to stop this happening!

Just like we want to provide you with great customer service and a good experience, you should be looking to provide your customers with the same! This is why it’s so important to have a responsive, stylish, and optimised website design – to best maximise your business’s digital marketing strategy. Unfortunately, quality and effective website design are expensive and a skill that takes years of learning and practicing to master. That’s why we’re here. With affordable and effective services, our experienced, specialist web design team will provide you with the optimised and SEO friendly website that you’ve been looking for.

More Than Just a Pretty Face

The Complete Website Package

Your online presence is something that cannot be disregarded in the modern age of digital and online marketing strategy. All of our White Peak Digital web designers are focused on building websites that convert visitors into customers, while ensuring that your new website adds to and compliments your digital marketing strategy and business in the long-term.

Small businesses especially can accelerate the growth of their company, just by having a search engine optimised, responsive, and professional website for their customers to browse. Small business website design doesn’t have to be a struggle – we can help your company. Our web design development team don’t stop there, however. We’re here to push your business to the top through utilising every aspect of digital marketing to impress your customers.

Your Brand, Your Identity

With digital strategists onboard, our developers and designers can help to provide your company with more than just a great logo design.

From the ground up, we’ll implement a professional, brand-appropriate design and identity throughout the web development process. We want your website to reflect the values of your brand and the audience that you’re targeting.

Increase Your Conversion Rates

Getting people to a site is easy for businesses. The struggle comes in increasing conversion rates. With high-quality digital marketing, our speciality is converting those viewers into customers for your business.

We use optimised campaigns to directly target your ideal market – increasing sales and engagement. Furthermore, we use and provide you with in-depth analytics and statistics to aid in making the best decisions over time, increasing the return on your investment.

Engage Your Audience

Professional, targeted, and high-quality copy is a great strategy to push any businesses’ site to the top of the search engine.

We’ll provide your website, blog, or advertisement with professional copy that’s tailored to your brand – guaranteeing it’s successful and engaging to your audience whilst ranking highly in search engines.

eCommerce Development

We’ll build your business an eCommerce website that will increase revenue and operational efficiency.

Implementing and using only the best and most user-friendly content management systems, we enable our clients to sell across multiple channels, as they easily manage their inventories and website all from one personalised platform.

We’re also a Neto partner. Neto is a great content management platform if you’re looking for a complete solution as an online retailer or wholesaler. We also work with Shopify – a content management system (CMS) that is easy-to-use and allows anyone to sell products online.

Not only this, but we work with all the biggest e-commerce development services. If WordPress and Woocommerce are your preferred content management systems, then we can assist you.

Mobile App Development

We can help to put your business in the pocket of all your consumers.

A reliable, mobile app with good performance and user experience at its heart will help to move your business into the mobile world whether that’s on iOS or Android devices.

This isn’t only great for you, but your customers as well. We place user experience at the heart of all our mobile app development projects – no matter if that’s on iOS or Android devices.

Care Plans To Ensure Long-Term Success

Maximise the return on your website with regular updates and maintenance.

Our website care plans are there to give you peace of mind. You’ll always have expert advice and assistance available as our support team are on hand to help. You won’t have to become a web designer yourself once your website is ready to launch.

Expert Coding

Every website design we provide has expert coding implemented throughout every aspect. eCommerce websites need to be reliable and responsive to keep customers on hand and engaged.

Our web development team has the experience and expertise to create a site for your business that is responsive, user-friendly and reliable. If you’re a start-up, small business website design no longer has to be an impossible, time-consuming task.

Digital Marketing

High-quality digital and social media marketing is key to the success of every large brand in the world.

From the logo design and graphic design portions of development all the way down to the CMS you choose, we go further than other web design companies to push your company and its marketing strategies to the very top. We’ll get people to your website using SEO, and we’ll help you to be found on social media using different social media marketing strategies.

The key to your company website succeeding? Turning the traffic of people on your website into customers. Fortunately, our marketing team specialise in converting visitors into customers. We’re proud that our company is more than just a digital design agency. We’re digital specialists who focus on achieving your goals through strategic design and data analysis.

Search Engine Optimisation

Every website we design is built with search engine optimisation as a priority. It’s vital for us as a design company because we know how important it is for your business to reach the top of the search engine.

That’s why we make maximising conversion rate and SEO value the core part of our design strategy. We make it our job as developers to boost the value of your site’s content and layout in order to attract customers fast.

Your website’s design will help your business to reach the audience that you’re looking for. The customers you want to reach will be able to find you as you’ll be at the top of the search results page.

Content and Copywriting

By getting to know your business, customers, and your core values, we’re able to produce professional, high-quality copywriting that is tailored specifically to your company and your customers.

We’ll help to push your company site to the top of the search engine with search engine optimised content that delivers long-lasting results.

Small Businesses in Australia

Can a small business benefit from a website?

Absolutely. Alongside social media marketing, an impactful and strong small business website design is one of the best ways to grow your business and attract new customers.

We’ve worked with many businesses, ranging from startups to established companies. No matter who they were or where they were as a company, they experienced the benefits of our stylish, mobile responsive, SEO designed websites. Just look at the reviews we have from previous customers! We’re proud of the work we produce and it shows in the satisfaction that our customers have.

No matter your needs, we’re here to help. If you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions – please let us know. It’s your website, and we’re here to help make it great. We’ll do whatever we can to implement and build upon your ideas. We want to produce a website that we’re proud of, and one that you can be proud of, too!

Agency or Website Builder

Is hiring a design agency worth it?

Yes. The coding and skills required to create an effective website can take years of practice to learn and master. Using web design tools without this knowledge and understanding simply doesn’t allow you to create a website that will have the impact on your business that you’re looking for. Experience and understanding of the web development industry are key, and our expert team have both.

Not only this, but our services don’t stop upon completion of your website. We can provide small businesses and large businesses with content and copy-writing, mobile app development, graphic design, and marketing strategy – in addition to useful data analysis. Our support team is proud of the exceptional web development service we offer. With years of experience, you’ll be safe in the hands of our expert service and continuous assistance.

Can I do it myself?

High-quality website design requires years of experience, practice and expertise. Our team is vast, with experience in all aspects of web development and web design. That’s why the service we offer is so outstanding. It’s a process which simply cannot be done to the same standard by one person alone.

Of course, it’s your choice, however, if you want a successful, reliable, and professional website which requires minimal stress and time input – then look no further. We are here to help you. We know that every project is unique, with every company having its own specific needs and desired outcomes.

We never provide clients with a cookie-cutter template of a website. Our team collaborates closely with you through every step of the development process, making sure that we plan and execute a project that you can be proud to have your brand’s name on. Look at our reviews for yourself, all of our clients highly recommend the services we provide!

Experience, Expertise & Understanding

What To Look For From A Web Design Agency

Experience, expertise, and understanding are all key aspects of a high-quality web design agency. You don’t want to be provided with a service that is unreliable, unhelpful and ultimately not worth the price you’re paying. A website is a long-term investment, something that can determine the success of your business. It’s not something you should invest in without consideration and research into the company you’re using.

At White Peak Digital, we pride ourselves on the service we offer and the satisfaction that we provide our customers with. Years of practice and knowledge of the process of web design and development helps our team to create a website that everyone involved can be proud of.

A Strategic Approach

Every business is different. The needs and wants of all companies differ no matter the industry. Therefore, a planned and well-laid-out approach is vital to ensure a smooth-running and stress-free design process.

That’s why we begin our design process by understanding your company, your values and the audience you’re looking to apply to. We use this information to help us create a website tailored to your brand specifically.

We’re keen to keep you updated and involved every step of the way, and are dedicated to producing web design that not only satisfies your customers, but you, too.

Marketing and SEO Expertise

You don’t want to spend on a service that just won’t be successful. Knowledge and understanding of SEO and marketing strategy are vital to the success of your website. It’s all good having a professional, stylish website, but if no one can see it then what’s the point?

We implement SEO and marketing strategy at the heart of our design process. Working with you along the way, we’ll work out a marketing a design strategy which fits all your needs and wants.

Then our team, which is packed with experts on SEO who have worked in the industry for years, will help to get your website to the top of the search engine so your customers can find you with ease.

A Sense of Teamwork

Teamwork is crucial throughout the entire web development process. Working to create a polished website that has a tailored design and excellent customer engagement strategy requires great teamwork.

Our team has been working together for years – we know how each other works best, and we know how to get the best out of each other. Our past work is something we’re extremely proud of, and it has only helped to improve our design process and completed work.

A Legacy of Excellence

Reputation is everything. If you see that past clients of the company have been dissatisfied with the service they’ve received, then steer clear. Your choice should have past customers who highly recommend the work they produce and the overall service they offer.

You don’t want a company that will add to the stress of creating a website and setting up a marketing strategy, whilst confusing and not keeping you up-to-date along the way. Fortunately, our glowing customer reviews demonstrate long-lasting satisfaction with the services we provide, so you can rest assured that we’re doing all we can to take your website to the next level.

Remember, the service that past clients have received is likely to be the service you’ll receive. Web design is confusing at the best of times. You want to hire a company that provides a stress-free, simple service that can be understood by yourself in the long-term, as a website is an investment.

At White Peak Digital, all our service options come with reviews that highly recommend what we have to offer. We’re proud of this and promise that we’ll maintain those same standards throughout your web design project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to build a website?

This can vary from client to client.

Smaller businesses who have the content they want to publish at hand (this includes a design brief) can have their website completed in 2-3 weeks. It’s crucial to understand that the quality of your website is the sole focus of our work. We won’t provide you with a website that is incomplete or unsatisfactory, hence why we require everything to hand for such a small turnaround time.

We do, however, recommend an optimum turnaround time of around 6-8 weeks. Web development is a comprehensive process, from beginning to end. A turnaround time of 6-8 weeks allows our web design team to plan out a strategy, draft out a design concept, complete multiple revisions to sort any issues or bugs out all whilst communicating with you throughout.

Once more, this turnaround time will be different from company to company. Get in touch, speak to us, and we’ll be able to get a better understanding of the project ahead and how long it will take to complete. No matter the length of the project, we promise a website that you can be proud to show your customers and to have your brand’s name on.

How much does a website cost?

Unfortunately, there’s no single answer to this question. The design and planning process for each of our clients is different depending on their needs and wants, the industry they’re in, and the simplicity of the web design they’re looking for.

We of course aim to work to your budget. Get in touch with our development team for inquiries and to get a more accurate and clear price for what you’re looking for.

The cost of a website is extremely variable. It can change depending on any particular requests you may have, the simplicity or complication involved in your design, along with further development which could be needed in order to achieve the functionality you’re looking for.

$3000-$5000 would be a guide price for a well-designed, professional, reliable, quick, user experience and visitor conversion-focused website.

As previously mentioned, call us and tell us what your budget is. Sometimes it’s the little things which can raise or lower the price.

Do you provide website training?

Yes. When using a CMS such as WordPress, Shopify or Neto, a member of our web design team would be happy to walk you through it all.

Following the publishing and release of your website, a training session that covers the basics of website design will be offered. This will cover things such as how to add pages, how to add more text and pictures as well.

For those with an eCommerce shop, the training we offer covers the basics such as how to add new products, how to edit the specs of a product, and how to upload pictures.

Upon request, and for an extra fee, further training can be provided. Get in touch today, as all inquiries are of course free. Check out our services and see how we can help to maintain and assist your website.

Do you offer website support & maintenance?

For sure! We understand that the web is ever-changing. That’s why we offer care plans that ensure peak performance of your website throughout its entire lifetime.

All websites require continuous upkeep and support to maintain their efficiency, security and compatibility.

Our update and security packages will include:

  • Fixes to any bugs which may come up.
  • Updates that ensure safety and protection.
  • Updates to maintain efficiency and compatibility.

Looking for more information? Get in contact with our support team. We’ll be happy to help guide you through what we offer in our care plans.

Do I need my own domain name and web hosting?

You will need your own domain name.

We do offer website hosting to our clients exclusively, and can even set it all up for you if you so choose.

Further, if you have an existing hosting provider, we can use this if you wish.

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