The Brief

TSI Group, a global leader in health and wellness solutions, approached White Peak Digital with a specific objective: to redesign their website to reflect their commitment to innovation and excellence in health science.

They wanted a digital presence that could effectively communicate their expertise in research, product development and regulatory compliance while showcasing their cutting-edge solutions in a way that resonates with their brand partners and customers.

Our challenge was to create a website that not only encapsulated TSI Group’s extensive capabilities but also conveyed their dedication to creating value in the health and wellness industry.

The goal was to design a platform that is informative, engaging and reflective of TSI’s industry leadership.

Our Approach

Our Brisbane web design team initiated the project with a comprehensive discovery phase. This involved in-depth research into TSI Group’s market position, target audience and competitors.

Understanding the nuances of the health and wellness industry was key to ensuring the website would not only stand out but also accurately represent TSI Group’s extensive expertise and innovation.

Our designers developed wireframes that provided a visual structure for TSI Group’s extensive content, including their research initiatives, product offerings and industry insights.

Through iterative design mock-ups and collaborative feedback sessions using our interactive tools, we refined the visual elements to align with TSI’s branding, ensuring consistency across all digital touchpoints.

Once the design was finalised and approved, our development team transformed the designs into a live, mobile-friendly website.

The development process emphasised creating an intuitive user experience, with streamlined navigation to guide visitors through TSI’s diverse offerings and achievements.

The site underwent thorough testing, including quality assurance and pen testing, to ensure its performance was flawless upon launch.

TSI Group Product Page

The Result

The launch of TSI Group’s redesigned website marked a significant milestone in their digital strategy.

The new site effectively showcases their leadership in health research and product innovation. It has not only elevated their online presence but also improved user engagement and accessibility.

Post-launch, TSI Group reported an uptick in website traffic and positive feedback from partners and customers.

Our ongoing support and maintenance through our WordPress Care Plan service to ensure that the website continues to operate optimally, remaining secure and up-to-date.

If TSI Group’s transformation inspires you, get in touch with us to explore how we can elevate your online presence.

To your success,