The Brief

Nexvia, a leading software provider in Australia and New Zealand, known for its robust construction and trade business platform, approached White Peak Digital with a clear vision in 2022.

Their goal was to revamp their online presence to reflect the sophistication and efficiency of their software and platform after a recent redesign of their brand.

The brief was to design a website that not only mirrored their position as a market leader but also enhanced user experience and engagement.

Our Brisbane web design team began by immersing themselves in Nexvia’s brand values and the functionalities of their software.

We focused on creating a design that would intuitively guide users through Nexvia’s comprehensive platform, showcasing its features in a clear and engaging way.

Nexvia Website Home Page

Our Approach

The project kicked off with an intensive discovery phase. Our team conducted thorough research to understand Nexvia’s target audience, their industry position, and their competition.

This research informed the design process, ensuring the website would not only stand out visually but also functionally.

With a deep understanding of Nexvia’s brand and objectives, our designers embarked on creating wireframes. These initial designs were crafted to reflect Nexvia’s modern, streamlined approach to software solutions.

The mock-ups were then refined into full-page designs, incorporating Nexvia’s brand colours and typography to ensure brand consistency across all digital touchpoints.

A collaborative review process followed, where Nexvia had the opportunity to provide direct feedback on the designs using our intuitive feedback tool.

This phase was crucial in aligning our vision with Nexvia’s expectations and making necessary refinements.

Once the designs were approved, our Brisbane WordPress development team took over. The development process was smooth, with the team bringing the designs to life on a secure, responsive, and user-friendly platform.

We used a private URL for Nexvia to review the site, allowing for a seamless feedback and revision process.

The website underwent rigorous quality assurance and pen testing to ensure optimal performance post-launch.

The Result

Nexvia’s new website was launched to great acclaim. The site successfully encapsulates the essence of Nexvia’s brand and the power of their software platform.

Post-launch, the website saw an immediate improvement in user experience and engagement. With a robust digital foundation, Nexvia is now positioned to scale and evolve their online presence seamlessly.

If Nexvia’s story inspires you, and you’re looking to elevate your digital presence, reach out to us to discuss how we can bring your vision to life.

To your success,