The Brief

During our initial discovery session with the team at Green Bay Air Conditioning we spent some time getting to know their business and target market as well as identifying their long-term goals to better understand how our Brisbane web design team could design and develop a website to meet those requirements.

It became clear straight away that Green Bay Air Conditioning had the long-term goal of receiving significant organic traffic to their website without the use of search engine or social media marketing for relevant search terms in the Byron Bay area.

It was also extremely important to the team at Green Bay Air Conditioning that the visitors they did receive to the website were converted to leads as easily and quickly as possible.

To assist in their local search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts we also suggested the inclusion of several suburb landing pages to target specific areas in and around Byron Bay.

Our Approach

After our initial discovery session, we identified that Green Bay Air Conditioning’s ideal customers are home or business owners in their mid-30s or older that live in or around Byron Bay.

With this crucial information in hand, we were able to conduct significant target market and competitor research to identify any low hanging web design or SEO fruit to take advantage off.

Search terms like ‘Byron Bay Air Conditioning’ aren’t too hard to rank for in theory relative to other niches due to the low competition so that is why we focused on some quick SEO wins while building this website to allow it to rank well soon after launching without the need for significant ongoing SEO support.

Our competitor research also allowed us to identify what areas and pages of their websites were working well and what could be improved thanks to our auditing tools.

For example, our analysis of several competitor websites showed us that a global ‘quick quote box’ was extremely popular and allowed visitors to almost instantly convert after landing on a page.

Green Bay Air Conditioning Tablet Demo

Even though this ‘quick quote box’ seemed to be extremely successful we noticed that as soon as a visitor scrolled down the box would disappear up the page leaving the visitor with no obvious next step once the finished reading the page.

Visitors that read an entire page of your website are usually some of the warmest leads you can receive so we wanted to make sure they encountered no obstacles if they decided to get in touch.

This is what caused us to include a ‘sticky’ function on the box for desktop users that caused it to scroll down the page with you so that it would never leave your sight.

This is an example of how in-depth competitor research can identify areas of success that should be replicated on your own website but how it can also show you areas that could be improved to give you a lasting advantage over your competition.

The Result

In the end we were able to design, develop and launch a WordPress website for Green Bay Air Conditioning that was optimised for search engines and had a design that allowed any visitor to convert easily into a potential customer.

We’re extremely proud that the team at Green Bay Air Conditioning love their new website so much, it was an absolute pleasure working with them and we look forward to another chance to do so again in the future.

If you’d like to find out more about our Brisbane web design team or the web design, branding and other services that we provide please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you.

To your success,