The Brief

We worked closely with Genes Biotech to design and develop their new website and the logo for their new product, Tree65.

They were looking for a brand new look to their corporation that would tie in closely with their new product as well.

With their focus on a healthy lifestyle is was essential we conveyed that through their brand and its design.

Our Approach

Thanks to our initial consultation with the team at Genes Biotech we were able to identify their specific goals for this project.

With these goals in mind we were able to design and develop a website for their corporation that reflected their core values to their clients beautifully.

Genes Biotech Web Design Demo

With Genes Biotech focus on a healthy lifestyle we focused on conveying this through beautiful imagery and a design that reflected this.

We also made sure that the website would work effectively on mobile devices while also being optimised for search engines and load speed.

The other element of this project was the branding for their new product, Tree65.

We worked closely with the team at Genes Biotech to design a logo that would be eye catching while still being tied closely to their core values.

Tree65 Logo Demo

Key elements of the logo include the tree branching out with lush green leaves reflecting health and well-being while the circle that encloses it reflects the focus required for 365 days a year to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Result

Overall Genes Biotech and our team were extremely happy with the outcome of this project.

“My team is very impressed with the website created. Happy with such professional service, impressed with design, quick response on the request for a number of changes. Excellent service.”

Sammi Quay, Genes Biotech

We were able to design and develop a website that reflected their brand while also creating a beautiful logo for their new product.

Thank you to the team at Genes Biotech for being so easy to work with throughout this project, we look forward to enjoying your success.

To your success,