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Sunset Gifts is a small artwork and jewellery store based in South Australia that specialises in unique designs and products. Here's how we empowered Sunset Gifts to start selling to customers all around Australia.

The Brief

It was important from the start for Sunset Gifts to have an easy to use website so that they could manage their large inventory of unique and often one-off products easily.

They also wanted to be able to integrate with their chosen postage providers and easily run sales across their website, this is why we chose to build it on Shopify.

It was also important to have a simplistic website design, to allow the products to stand out just like they’d do in any customers home.

Sunset Gifts 1

Sunset Gifts were also looking for a new logo design for their website and social media, this is something our design team worked closely with the client on throughout the entire project.

Our Approach

Thanks to White Peak Digital being a Shopify Partner, we were able to quickly setup a Shopify development site for Sunset Gifts to access and view our progress.

A Shopify theme was used to allow for a quick turnaround and thanks to the numerous options available it wasn’t hard for Sunset Gifts to find the perfect match.

While our developers were setting up the website and choosing a theme with the client our design team were working on several unique logo drafts based on the clients’ input.

Sunset Gifts 2

After a few iterations we landed on these final three designs which the client was thrilled with, apparently it was a hard choice but they ended up choosing the first logo.

The Result

In the end, Sunset Gifts was online within three weeks with a brand-new Shopify website and logo that will allow their business to continue to grow.

We are absolutely thrilled that the team at Sunset Gifts were so happy with the outcome of this project and the ease-of-use of their new website.

We look forward to working with them again soon.

If you’re interested in getting your own business online quickly using Shopify, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

To your success,

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Jackson Gartner is a web designer and the founder of White Peak Digital. He has a background in website design, branding and customer experience. In his free time, he enjoys motorsport and spending time with his friends and family.
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