Launching a brand-new website or design overhaul can seem like quite a daunting task or it can appear extremely simple if you’re unaware of everything that could go wrong.

That is why a Quality Assurance (QA) or Website Launch Checklist is extremely useful.

It’s simply a list of checks and tests that need to be performed before or after the website has been deployed to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Let’s take a look at the universal checklist we use at White Peak Digital for any sized website.

Website Content

  • Remove all “Lorem Ipsum” text
  • Proofread copy for grammar and spelling errors
  • All links are working correctly
  • Confirm contact details are correct
  • Video and audio items are correct and formatted properly
  • PDF files are properly linked and proofed
  • 404 page is created or customised
  • Website favicon is working (logo in browser tab)
  • Be sure all required licenses for images, fonts and plugins are on file

SEO & Analytics

  • All page titles are unique
  • Page titles are descriptive and fewer than 70 characters
  • Page meta descriptions are descriptive and fewer than 160 characters
  • H1 tags used for page titles (only one per page)
  • XML sitemap has been generated and added to root of website
  • robots.txt is generated and added to root of website
  • Old website URLs are 301 redirected to new URLs
  • Website can be accessed by search engines (remove noindex and nofollow)
  • Google Analytics and relevant analytics / tracking tools installed

Social Media

  • Open Graph tags included across web pages and blog posts
  • Social accounts integrated and linking to correct URLs


  • Website meets appropriate level of WCAG compliance
  • ARIA Landmark Roles specified
  • Images use appropriate ALT text
  • Semantic headings and structure used
  • Links are clearly recognisable and have :focus state
  • Alternatives provided for users with JavaScript disabled
  • Associated label for all form controls
  • Colour contrast tested


  • Site previewed in Chrome (Windows & Mac)
  • Site previewed in Microsoft Edge (Windows)
  • Site previewed in Safari (Mac)
  • Site previewed in Firefox (Windows & Mac)
  • Site previewed in any legacy or alternate browsers requested
  • Responsive design and functionality tested on phone devices (iOS & Android)
  • Responsive design and functionality tested on tablet devices (iOS & Android)
  • Displays & functions correctly on large resolution monitors (4k or ultra-wide)


  • Forms have been tested and processed correctly
  • Required fields have been tested
  • Review input validation (character limits, etc.)
  • Forms send to the correct recipients
  • Forms have confirmation URL or event tracking for submission tracking
  • Forms process correctly with JavaScript disabled
  • Website search and search results function correctly

Site Speed

  • Images have been optimised for file size and type
  • CSS is minified and optionally combined
  • JavaScript is minified and optionally combined
  • Enable GZIP compression
  • Ensure only necessary fonts, weights and character sets are installed
  • Run Google PageSpeed Test and optimise accordingly to pass Core Web Vitals
  • Incorporate CDN and caching as required


  • Secure areas are locked and not accessible by search engines
  • Default CMS login URL is changed
  • Default CMS username is changed
  • SSL certificate requested

Post Launch

  • Site is visible to search engines (submit sitemap to Google Search Console)
  • SSL certificate is successfully installed (URLs are using HTTPS)
  • Images, media and links reference live URL
  • Webfonts integrated and working correctly on live site
  • 301 redirects are in place and working correctly
  • Generate a new sitemap.xml and upload to root
  • Analytics has been setup and integrated into website

That’s it, you’ve made it to the bottom of our Pre & Post Launch Checklist!

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If you have any questions about this launch checklist or your new website please feel free to get in touch with us anytime.

To your success,