Web design allows you to create a positive first impression online, improve your organic traffic and visibility, build trust and brand recognition with your audience, and stay in front of your competitors.

Lets take a quick look at each of these reasons so that you can gain a full understanding as to why web design is important.

First Impressions

When someone visits your website they will immediately get an impression of your business.

They will judge your credibility within seconds, with such a short amount of time you want to ensure you make a positive impact.

If your website is unappealing or outdated your immediately giving your audience a negative impression of your business.

You’ll likely miss out on numerous leads as they leave your website to visit a competitor.

Web design directly impacts how your audience perceives your brand.

Good web design keeps your audience engaged with your content and on your website longer which increases the chances they’ll convert.

Search Engine Optimisation

Your website layout directly impacts how search engines crawl and index your website.

Proper web design imroves your website SEO which is crucial to your website’s success and its visibility on search engines.

Besides the layout of your website, certain web design elements can affect SEO.

Put simply, you want to ensure your code is SEO friendly.

Builds Trust

No one trusts a poorly designed website.

If your design our content is outdated then your audience will see your website as untrustworthy.

On the other hand, a professional website conveys trust to your audience and will ensure they check your content out further.

It’s important to build trust with your audience so that they remain on your website.

The longer they stay on your website the more chances you have to capture that lead.

Brand Consistency

Great website design helps create consistency across your pages and brand.

You need to have the same fonts, styles and layouts across your entire website.

If you have a different design on every page this makes your website look unprofessional and makes it more challenging to build brand recognition.

Consistency builds trust and with it your audience will stay on your website longer and convert more often.


If none of these other reasons have you convinced then heres the final one: Your competitors are already taking full advantage of web design and taking most of the leads for themselves.

If you want to remain in competition with them, then you need to implement proper web design on your site.

You want to stand out from your competition.

If you have an old and outdated website then your competitors will outrank you, this means you’ll lose leads to them.

When you’re competing with other businesses you’ll likely offer the similar services and pricing, you need that one extra thing to stand out from the rest.


With proper web design you will create a positive first impressions, improve your search engine optimistation, convey trust with your audience, build brand recognition and stay in front of your competitors.

I hope this helped you understand why web design is so important, if you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.

To your success,